How to decode union types in Elm

Today I came across a problem regarding JSON decoding in Elm: How do you decode a string (e. g. nested in some object) to a union type in Elm? Say you have this

someJsonString = 
  "{\"f\": \"Done\"}"

and after decoding it should be this:

type Status 
  = Done
  | Open
  | Failed

type alias Stuff = 
  { f: Status }

someParsedJson = 
  {f = Done}

I was surprised to not find this covered in the Elm guide and while there are some Stackoverflow- and blog-posts on how to decode tagged unions, I found nothing about plain union types. So if you come across the same issue, here is the solution:

statusDecoder =
    statusHelper s =
      case s of
        "Done" -> Done
        "Open" -> Open
        _ -> Failed

    map statusHelper string

stuffDecoder = 
  map Stuff
    (field "f" statusDecoder)

Find the whole example code in this gist and please let me know if there are other ways to tackle this problem.