I visualize data at my job.

I work at graphomate, where I design and develop applications for data visualization. At my job I use JavaScript (with d3.js), TypeScript and Elm, but sometimes also Java, C# and Python.

I like simplicity.

That's why I prefer Functional Programming most of the time, e. g. with Elm, Elixir and F#.

I've created a couple of small Elm example applications (zozozombies [code], RegisterMachine [code], LunarLander [code], Particle [code], Maze) and a handful of libraries (numeral-elm, elm-sentiment, elm-trend, porterstemmer). I've talked about Elm at BOB2016 and am one of the organizers of Elmoin (GitHub, Meetup), the Elm Meetup for Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein.

I like to mine text.

Although in a front-end role at the moment, my background, expertise and interest is in text mining.

I wrote my master thesis (with Elixir) on multi-label classification of scientific articles. My work led to two publications (ICSC15, K-CAP15) and was awarded with the "Prof. Petersen Preis der Technik".

Twitter / GitHub / me@gregor.codes